It’s possible to build better with less using DYNAMax, our ultimate high-strength concrete. Characterized by high strength, outstanding durability and superior rigidity, DYNAMax reduces buildings’ carbon footprint by lowering material demand.

dynamax icon high strength



C60/75 – C120/135 MPa

dynamax icon outstanding durability



max. 750 Coulombs 1

dynamax icon superior rigidity



min. 40GPa 2

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max. 750 Coulombs in Rapid Chloride Penetration Test (RCPT), acc. to the ASTM C 1202 categorized as “very low” Cl-Ion penetration. For further information on the local product range please contact your local HOLCIM RMX Sales team. 

minimum elastic modulus of 40 GPa determined by testing in accordance with local country standard. For further information on the local product range please contact your local HOLCIM RMX Sales team.

DYNAMax pushes the boundaries of what is possible and gives you access to unrivaled expertise, experience and know-how in concrete. In combination with other products from the Holcim range, it opens up a new world of building with concrete.

Key benefits of building with DYNAMAX

More design freedom

  • Use thinner cross-sections for columns, walls and slabs
  • Build larger spans and longer column grids
  • Enjoy slender design with the same or higher load bearing capacity
  • Gain improved functionality and more usable space for the same building volume
  • Build an increased number of floors with the same building height
  • Achieve greater variability in the layout of the floor plan

 Sustainability and durability

  • Reduce your building’s overall carbon footprint by lowering material demand
  • Execute structures with less concrete and steel reinforcement
  • Employ local production in existing ready-mix concrete plants
  • Cut back on transport with short routes and lower concrete volume
  • See an increased technical service life for your building
  • Minimize maintenance and lifecycle costs


Ease of placement

  • Use the same working processes as for conventional concrete
  • Implement faster and more effective construction processes with reduced workforce requirements
  • Provide improved working conditions on the construction site
  • Cut the total cost of construction with high early strength development

Driving performance


Mexico’s Cosmopolitan Skyline tower built with DYNAMax

The Cosmopolitan Skyline tower was built with DYNAMax, Holcim’s ultimate performance concrete, which uses smart design to unlock more usable space. DYNAMax ensured extremely strong surfaces and reduced the maintenance costs of the concrete

DYNAMax helps build better with less in Germany

The modern Seven Gardens Oak House office block in Wiesbaden, Germany combines strength and sustainability with DYNAMax. It received platinum pre-certification from the German Sustainable Building Council.

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