Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction


Mission & objectives

It is the mission of the Foundation to select and support initiatives that combine sustainable construction solutions with architectural excellence and enhanced quality of life beyond technical solutions. Through the non-commercial promotion and development of sustainable construction at national, regional, and global levels, the Holcim Foundation encourages sustainable responses to the technological, environmental, socioeconomic, and cultural issues affecting building and construction.

Holcim Awards competition

The international Awards competition recognizes innovative projects and future-oriented concepts – and is the most significant global competition for sustainable design. Projects and concepts in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and related fields are eligible for entry in the competition. Each competition cycle spans three years, from announcement to completion and a total of two million US dollars in prize money is awarded.

Introduction – Holcim

Awards competition Holcim Forum Together with its associated universities, the Foundation advances the academic discussion of sustainable construction through the Holcim Forum. Every three years around 300 experts from around the world meet to discuss challenges of today’s urbanization processes and built environment. The conferences are complemented by the release of technical publications, and offer architects, engineers, building professionals and experts from all generations and geographic locations an interdisciplinary academic platform for exchanging ideas and information.

Introduction – Holcim Forum

Disseminating knowledge Through its activities, the Foundation has developed a close-knit global network of stakeholder groups, and it has grown to assume the role of information hub. The Foundation publishes booklets on exemplary sustainable construction projects, as well as maintaining a comprehensive Internet presence and Social Media engagement.

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An initiative of Holcim

The Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction was created in 2003 to raise awareness of the important role that architecture, engineering, urban planning and the building industry have in achieving a more sustainable future.
The Foundation is an independent legal entity that is supported by Holcim. Holcim is the leading global building materials and solutions company. The company offers cement, aggregates and ready-mix concrete as well as advanced solutions and products. With its broad portfolio, Holcim brings industry-leading innovations and services to customers challenged by urbanization, population growth and the demand for sustainability. Headquartered in Switzerland, Holcim employs approximately 80,000 people and has a portfolio that is equally balanced between developing and mature markets.


Holcim is represented on the Board of the Foundation by Jan Jenisch and Jens Diebold. Further Board members include Roland Köhler, Switzerland (Chairman); Alejandro Aravena, Chile; Maria Atkinson, Australia; Enrique Norten, Mexico/USA; Stuart Smith, United Kingdom; Brinda Somaya, India; and Marilyne Andersen, Marc Angélil, and Harry Gugger, all Switzerland. 

Board of the Holcim Foundation
Last Updated: August 27, 2018