A world leader in cement, Lafarge has designed a diversified product range intended for construction professionals.


Lafarge Emirates Cement

Driven by the sole motive of satisfying and exceeding customer's expectation, our aim is to reach a best in class performance through industrial excellence and to provide full and innovative products range which is being valued and sought by our customers. Since inception the company is fully committed to the high quality standards and the production process is designed to respond to the requirements of all kinds of customers to meet their projects need.

Lafarge Emirates Cement products are produced using carefully selected raw materials and strict quality control throughout the production stage always ensures consistent final product.

Upholding Commitments to All Stakeholders

Lafarge Emirates Cement is committed to:

  1. Generating value for our clients,
  2. Delivering the value creation that our shareholders expect,
  3. Giving our employees every opportunity to contribute and develop their talents,
  4. Contributing to building a better world for our communities.