Artevia™ by LafargeHolcim is a product that reveals the creative potential of concrete: decorative and aesthetic, for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Imagine aesthetic, durable concretes that are easy to maintain, economical and perfectly integrated into their surroundings. With Artevia™, the aesthetic revolution of concrete is underway. Discover the amazing new face of concrete! 

Artevia™ products offer:

  1. A varied palette of colours and effects,
  2. Rich and pleasing textures meeting all of your needs (smooth, coarse, slip-resistant),
  3. Consideration of regional subtleties in selecting materials.

Our goal is to encourage the decorative potential of concrete!

To see our Product swatches, and Projects Portfolio, please visit our dedicated Artevia Website:



Agilia® is a self-placing, self-leveling concrete. Highly fluid, this concrete spreads effortlessly. It can be poured quickly and provides a perfect, highly esthetic finish.Agilia® considerably improves conditions on building sites for its fluidity, it eliminates the tedious chore of vibration, and this improves on-site conditions for workers, it also reduces worksite noise, a source of irritation both for workers and for nearby residents.



Ultra Series Stabilised Mortar is highly popular as it is ready mixed at our plants and delivered to sites before the shift starts. Unlike traditional mortar, Ultra Series Stabilised Mortar can remain wet inside the tubs it is delivered in for up to 36 hours before it begins to set. However it will begin setting when it is applied by the mason. This provides significant savings to project managers in wastage, time and materials while ensuring unrivalled consistency and quality of finish.