Portland Cement

Lafarge Emirates Cement’s ALMAS can be used in wide range of applications including those that require high quality finishing along with high strength.ALMAS meets or exceeds all applicable chemical and physical requirements of BS EN 197-1 for CEM II/ A-L.


ALMAS is ideal for general purpose use in a wide range of applications: Majority of concrete products, general purpose ready-mix concrete, concrete block making, mortar for joining block, plaster/render, tile bed mortar, floor screeds, grouts etc.

Features & Benefits:

A. High Strength
Strength class of ALMAS is 42.5N. it attains early high strength (20-23 MPa) in 2 days & up to 48 MPa in 28 days.

B. Reduced Bleeding
Tendency of bleeding of fresh concrete significantly reduces for concrete made with ALMAS .

C. Enhanced Cohesiveness
for concrete & better thickness for mortar thereby resulting in less material wastage.

D. Better Surface Finish
Due to reduced bleeding, smoother & brighter appearance for plastering / finishing work that reduces wall putty consumption.

E. Reduced Pigment Consumption
Paler colour of ALMAS helps to reduce pigment consumption for colour mortar / concrete thereby saving cost.

F. Wide Range of Applications
ALMAS can be used in most applications ranging from general grade concrete, concrete block making to finishing applications like plaster/ render, etc.

G. Green Building Material
Use of this product is a step forward to the sustainable construction practices.