LEC has a wide range of cement products, designed to respond to the requirements of all customers, our range of products is suitable for industrial players, individual customers and architects, and can be used to produce concretes with a variety of characteristics and properties.


Classic: Ordinary Portland Cement

LEC Portland cement is a high quality, cost-effective basic building material used in virtually all forms of construction. This is a general purpose cement suitable for all uses where the special properties of other types of Portland Cement are not required.

Flexi: Portland Limestone Cement

LEC Portland Limestone Cement, is an environmentally friendly product, produced by inter-grinding of cement clinker, strictly controlled amount of high purity limestone & gypsum. PLC can be used in most applications. Suitable for majority of concrete products, general purpose ready-mix & precast concrete, plaster, mortars,screeds, concrete blocks, etc.

Shield: Sulfate-Resisting Portland Cement

LEC Sulphate-Resisting Portland Cement is suitable where sulfates present in soil, groundwater, seawater, etc. are in concentrations that would damage concrete made with normal Portland cement. Sulfate resistance is achieved by limiting the level of Tricalcium Aluminate, the primary component that influences resistance to sulphate attack in concrete.