Lafarge UAE and Oman launches the “Summer of Safety” campaign!


The peak of summer has arrived with the mercury rising close to 50 degrees Celsius. The high temperatures bring unique challenges to our operations which require lifestyle changes to cope up with the heat. Moreover, accidents and incidents also increase during the summer season globally as people are more exposed to risks of dehydration and exposure to the sun.

We are aiming towards a goal of zero injury this summer and rolling out a "Summer of Safety" campaign from 1st August 2021 to increase awareness on certain topics during the next 5 weeks:

  1. See Something – Do Something (VPC & BoG Reporting/Rewarding)
  2. You Can’t Do Both (Driving & use of Mobile Phone)
  3. Summer Resilience (Hydrate, Protect, Preserve)
  4. Back to Basics (COVID-19 & Hygiene)
  5. My Workplace – My Sanctuary (Cleanliness and Housekeeping Program)

Let’s all join hands and create a solid impact on EVERYONE in the business, via 1:1 conversations, discussions and diverse means of communication.

For more information on the campaign, do get in touch with your BU Health and Safety teams.

summer of safety 2021 poster