Future Innovations for a Greener Tomorrow

At Lafarge UAE&Oman, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that help build a greener future. We are investing in a range of new technologies that have the potential to reduce the environmental impact of our products and services.

In addition to developing new products and technologies, we are also working to improve the sustainability of our operations. We are investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and water conservation measures. We are also working to reduce our waste and improve our recycling rates.

Here are some of the specific innovations that we are working on:

  • Dry process kilns: Our new dry process kilns use less energy and water than traditional wet process kilns and produce fewer emissions.
  • Thermedia: Thermedia improves insulation and energy performance of residential and office buildings helping to reduce heat loss.
  • Hydromedia: Hydromedia is a permeable concrete used to cover large surfaces like streets, parking areas, squares, and walkways. This innovative product rapidly drains water into the soil, helping to recharge aquifers and prevent flooding.
  • Magnetizable concrete: In partnership with the German startup Magment, Lafarge UAE&Oman plans to introduce magnetizable concrete technology. This product enables electric vehicles to recharge wirelessly while in motion. The technology is currently being tested by Researchers at Purdue University (US) in Indiana. Other applications under development include the electrification of industrial floors to recharge robots and forklifts as they work.

Learn more about our innovations and join us in building a greener tomorrow.