Health & Safety


Safety is a top priority for the Group and for Lafarge companies in the UAE. A stringent safety policy is in place to promote a culture of safety that establishes Lafarge as one of the world's leading companies in this domain. Lafarge companies in the UAE also participate in health programs that benefit their employees as well as local communities.

Safety: The top priority

Safety is a top priority for Lafarge. Lafarge aims to be one of the world's leading industrial groups in this domain. In the United Arab Emirates, Lafarge companies are working to promote a culture of safety that applies to all employees, contractors and subcontractors, on and off Lafarge's sites.


Lafarge companies in the UAE have introduced a series of measures to reduce the frequency and severity of work-related accidents, including:

  • Work At Height procedures
  • Energy Isolation safety procedures
  • Working safely with and around Mobile Equipment
  • Working safely in Confined spaces
  • Conveyor Belts operating procedures


On-site employee at Lafarge Emirates cement plant

Targeting zero accidents

East Africa: Driving for excellence

Lafarge places its employees' safety at the heart of its concerns and extends its best practices to the service providers involved in its activity.
The Group's objective is to attain "0 fatal accidents". This is achieved, in particular, by significantly reducing road accidents involving the trucks of haulage contractors working for Lafarge.

In 2006, Lafarge launched its "Driving for Excellence" program in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. This is a comprehensive program:

  • after undergoing training, the drivers must obtain a road safety permit to be able to work at the 4 factories in the region,

  • vehicles are inspected regularly to ensure they comply with the Group's technical demands in the area of safety,

  • road patrols are organized every month, involving road haulage

Since 2006, not a single truck operating for Lafarge in East Africa has been involved in a fatal accident.


Improving work safety for everyone

Lafarge in the UAE has targeted a significant reduction in its lost-time injury rate compared to 2009. Lafarge worldwide has set a lost-time injury rate target of 1.35 for 2009.


To achieve its target of zero fatal accidents and keep lost-time injuries to a minimum, Lafarge in the UAE:

  • Informs employees and subcontractors of work-related risks and provides appropriate training,

  • Supervises the systematic application of safety rules,

  • Implements incident reporting procedures and regular audits,

  • Identifies and communicates best practices and drives their adoption across all work sites.

Supporting employee health

The health of Lafarge employees is important to our success. A comprehensive group-wide occupational health program has been introduced that includes regular medical examinations.


The mandatory regular health check-ups in place, help employees maintain a better healthy routine, especially while working in the industry where the occupational health in an issue with all the hazardous exposure at the worklace.


Lafarge Employees in the UAE also get a periodical health visists and awareness lectures given by medical expertise, highlighting important points of health care, and answeing all health related inquiries.