Innovative Products

A better understanding of our customers' needs and of the way they use our products enables us to develop truly innovative products, systems and solutions. Research works closely with marketing to build close relationships with the construction industry and design products and solutions which generate real added value.


Innovation, the strategic drive

Innovation is a strategic driver for Lafarge, which is known for developing cutting-edge, high-performance products for the building sector. Lafarge brings state-of-the-art research and industry-leading innovation to each of its business lines.


Lafarge concretes exemplify the customer-driven innovation that helps make Lafarge the industry leader:

  • Agilia®, a self-placing, self-leveling concrete that does not require vibration, thus reducing cost, effort and noise on building sites,
  • Chronolia™, which develops extremely high mechanical resistance soon after pouring, doubling the daily cycles of form setting and stripping,
  • Ductal®, the ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete, with 6-8 times the compressive resistance and 10 times the flexural strength of traditional concrete,
  • Artevia®, a range of decorative concretes for outdoor applications,
  • Extensia™, designed to limit cracking in floors and reduce the number of expansion joints.