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Research and innovation in the spotlight

This year the Lafarge Technology Center is celebrating its 20-year anniversary, representing 2 decades of research and innovation. This is an opportunity to review the expertise employed at this key center, where researchers, engineers, experts and technicians work together to respond to the Group's challenges and issues surrounding sustainable construction.

Research and innovation in the spotlight

Research and innovation are among the Group's strategic priorities. To celebrate 20 years of the Technology Center, in September 2010 the Group organized an event for all local stakeholders. Highlights included:

  • Presentation of the latest innovations: insulating solutions for better energy efficiency of buildings (Thermedia®, Prégymax™), new Gypsum solutions to improve water resistance, and pervious concrete to improve rainwater management.
  • A tour of laboratories and the experimental concrete batching plant where large-scale trials are carried out, accelerating new products' time to market.
  • Presentation of research projects to reduce cements' carbon footprint: Aether, a new clinker which cuts CO2 emissions and energy consumption, and a project to cultivate micro-algae to absorb the CO2 released by cement plant kilns.


Located near Lyon (France) since 1990, the Lafarge Technology Center employs more than 500 employees from 20 different countries, including 230 researchers. The site, which stretches over nearly 25,000km², attracts nearly 20,000 visitors a year.