Research & Innovation


A leader always strives to provide its customers with products which are innovative and offer high added value. In 2008, Lafarge intends to achieve 5% of its sales revenue from innovative products which were developed in the last 5 years. Research occupies a central position in the Group's strategy.



R&D at Lafarge focuses on the satisfaction of customer requirements and the development of products which are increasingly environmentally friendly. Research teams play an active role in the Group's overall performance.

Customer-oriented research: Our research interests are closely based on the needs and specificities of the markets where the Group operates.



Innovative Solutions

Lafarge's commitment to innovation is the key to its leadership in the building materials industry.

The Group was the first in its sector to have a dedicated research and development unit, and work continues there to this day, ensuring our products anticipate the changing needs of our customers.


Key figures

Research figures

Lafarge dedicates nearly more than 150 million euros per year to research, product development and industrial performance and process improvement.

Research figures

  • A budget of more than 150 million euros, equal to 1% of the Group's sales.
  • Over 1,000 employees around the world, with teams of scientists, engineers and technicians who are experts in their fields.
  • Hundreds of patents filed worldwide in 15 key areas, corresponding to an equivalent number of innovative formulas, products and industrial processes.