Aggregates and Concrete


About ReadyMix Gulf

Readymix Gulf has operated in the United Arab Emirates for over 33 years and continues to support the development of the Emirates as a regional leader in construction. As a member of the Lafarge group, we have a unique opportunity to draw on the expertise of over 95,000 employees worldwide to bring innovative value to our local UAE customers.

A diverse portfolio of work spanning over 30 years..


Readymix Gulf has a clear strategy to improve local construction standards, drive quality and innovation forward and promote a sustainable and safe environment for generations to come. We will achieve this by working closely with our valued customers and partners.

A pioneer of innovation in concrete solutions

Due to its long experience, Lafarge has acquired a unique mastery of concrete and its properties. Its capacity for innovation, through the creation of completely new properties, goes hand in hand with close attention to customer needs. It is opening up a new era in concrete production history, while at the same time meeting the
most cutting-edge architectural requirements.
As a pioneer of innovation and research in building materials, Lafarge offers multiple solutions, from traditional to ultra-high performance concrete. Recyclable, extremely resistant and possessing unrivalled thermal inertia properties, concrete is today seen as a material looking to the future and to sustainable development.
Lafarge cannot imagine economic performance without sustainable development. For Lafarge, economic, environmental and social issues are inseparable and closely intertwined. Sustainable construction is a high priority for Readymix Gulf in the UAE market and for Lafarge globally. Taking on such a large commitment to sustainability in the UAE, Lafarge holds positions on the Buildsafe UAE Sustainability Working Group and has worked with our partner companies to ensure the materials used to make readymix concrete have the minimum possible environmental impact.
This includes using recycled materials in cement production, waste management control and working on Lafarge initiatives with the Green Building Council and LEED qualification system. As a Lafarge business, we are also a partner with the World Wildlife Fund.
Maximizing expertise in developing markets such as the United Arab Emirates, the expertise of Lafarge is a major advantage. It is now recognised that developers and local authorities favour companies like Lafarge that provide innovative services for the entire logistics supply chain as is the case here in the UAE. Moreover,
the international standards applied by Lafarge in the UAE, where environmental legislation is still very new, sets our customers and partners apart from the competition.

Research Excellence

The hub of lafarge research is in lyon, france where lafarge central centre for research (lcr) houses over 550 employees from 14 nationalities who focus on innovative building solutions for the global market. utilising state of
the art research facilities, and with partnerships with world renowned universities, lcr pursues innovation and adapts solutions for business units operating throughout the world.