About us


Lafarge is a leading producer of building materials in the United Arab Emirates. Lafarge products - cement, concrete and aggregates  are essential in creating the structures that shape our landscape, from homes to hospitals, bridges, roads and monuments.


Lafarge in the UAE


Bringing a wealth of progress

Lafarge operates in the UAE through two main Business Units offering a complete portfolio of bulding materials of Cement and Concrete:

Lafarge Emirates Cement
Ready Mix Gulf

Lafarge companies have had a presence in the UAE since 1976, with its Cement, Concrete, and Gypsum activities. With one integrated cement plant, and four ready mix plants in three Emirates offering a wide selection of solutions to the UAE building and construction market.
From driving basic infrastructure and development projects to creating some of the country's most distinguished landmarks, Lafarge in the UAE is proud to be at the heart of it all.


Driving global growth in the sector

Around the world, cement production is increasing by 5% per year for 20 years. This means 100 million additional tons of cement is being consumed every year.
This growth is predominantly driven by urban and demographic development in emerging markets that are facing strong demands in infrastructures and housings. 70% of the global demand for cement comes from these markets! In these countries, the cement market is growing at a significantly faster rate than the general economy.
Lafarge is positioning itself as a leading player in this context.